Stability TAG Technology

Stability TAG Technology allows reagents to be kept stable at room temperature for up to one month.

perfect quality at room temperature
the reaction setting does not require ice
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Stability TAG Technology

All enzymes produced by Solis BioDyne are exceptionally stable at room temperature due to specific genetic modifications – TAG stability. TAG stability increases the lifetime of polypeptides and their temperature tolerance on a large scale without altering the properties of the polypeptide itself. After storage at room temperature for one month, no change in enzyme activity was detected. The stability of TAG Technology is now applied to all Solis BioDyne enzyme products, end-point Master Mixes and qPCR mixes.

Tested on a number of proteins

The stabilizing effect of TAG stability has been tested on a number of proteins including Taq DNA polymerase, reverse transcriptase, transcriptase inhibitor, RNase inhibitor, hEPO, PCNA, pyrophosphatase and hLIF.

TAG stability does not affect protein properties

A number of tests with TAG-stabilized proteins have shown that stabilization has no effect on protein properties. For example, pluripotency was performed in ES cells during gene targeting using Stability TAG-hLIF; DNA amplification using Stability TAG-Taq DNA Polymerase (FIREPol® DNA Polymerase) was performed with the same efficiency and accuracy as conventional Taq.

Storage at room temperature does not affect the efficiency of the enzymes

All products were tested for stability at room temperature. This can be illustrated by comparing performance between assays stored at -20 ° C and the same products that were stored at room temperature for 4 weeks. No detectable changes in potency of 5x HOT FIREPol® Probe Universal qPCR Mix (Figure A) or FIREScript reverse transcriptase (Figure B) were observed after 4 weeks of storage at room temperature.

Long-term stability at -20 ° C

In addition to excellent stability at room temperature, Solis BioDyne enzymes have exceptional long-term durability. Even after 18 years, our first batch of FirPol® DNA Polymerase provides satisfactory PCR results (Figure C).

Figure C

Patented technology

EP2501716, Compositions for Enhancing Polypeptide Stability and Activity, and similar methods have now been granted in the EU. The patent is published in the European Patent Bulletin 21/04/15!


HotStart Polymerase

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