PetakaG3 LOT Shipping Kit

PETLSK 10 PetakaG3, 4 stands, 100 tips, and 10 mailers
EUR 1029

PetakaG3 LOT Trial Kit

TraiLTD 50 Petakas, 6 stands and 100 tips
EUR 1844

ELISA Kit Target

Catalog-Number Kit Size
EUR 50

rHu IL 2 , 3MIU , Lot 200908F02

04-RHIL2-08F02 1 vial
EUR 249
Description: Recombinant human interleukin-2 is a sterile protein product for injection. rHuIL-2 is produced by recombinant DNA technology using Yeast. It is a highly purified protein containing 133 amino acids, with cysteine mutated to alanine at 125 amino acid position, and has a molecular weight of approximately 15.4kD, non-glycosylated.

Human Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number Kit

MCN1 1 Kit
EUR 349

Rat Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number Kit

MCN2 1 Kit
EUR 349

Mouse Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number Kit

MCN3 1 Kit
EUR 349

piggyBac qPCR copy number kit, 20 reactions  

PBC100A-1 20 reactions
EUR 331